Message from Top Management

We will establish a redistribution infrastructure that contributes to SDGs and take on challenge of digitally transforming to the expanding B2B distribution market.

Aucfan Group has adopted "RE-INFRA COMPANY" as its corporate identity, and based on an idea of building a one-of-a-kind infrastructure that integrates various "RE" of society, we will continue to expand our business on "RE" from operation of our original business which is price comparison media "", B2B wholesale platform called "NETSEA" and "NETSEA Auction*1" for slow moving inventory, returned goods, and out-of-date products.

In recent years, B2B distribution market in Japan has been estimated to be on scale of 300 trillion yen*2, and overseas, we are observing a new trend with a birth of unicorn company in B2B distribution field.
In addition, starting with the SDGs, the issue of waste loss has become a major focus of attention around the world, and it is estimated that waste loss in Japan reaches approximately 22 trillion yen*3 per year. Furthermore, market for returned goods will be expanded in the future as the rate of e-commerce increases.

In B2B distribution market, our Group believes that shift to DX will be essential.
We also see the waste loss market as a great opportunity to become a leading company in the field of reverse logistics, and we will promote our business by selecting and concentrating on businesses and boldly making upfront investments for our growth strategy.
We would like to ask for your continued support in the future.

  • *1."ReValueB2B Auction" will be renamed to "NETSEA Auction" in August 2021.
  • *2.Estimated from the market survey on electronic commerce published by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on July 30, 2021.
  • *3.Calculated by us based on 2016 Corporate Business Statistics (Ministry of Finance) and others.

President & CEO
Aucfan Co., Ltd.
Shuichi Takenaga