The Solution / Incubation Business


More Active Use of Data

We see many possibilities for making use of the POS data from 68 billion transactions.
In addition to providing our own services, we are developing diverse services that enable other companies to leverage the Aucfan Group’s expertise.

We provide value-added solutions to help clients resolve the issues they face and strengthen their enterprise power.

Corporate Solutions Based on the Data Aucfan Has Accumulated

Based on the data we have accumulated, we are using APIs and developing tools to expand the corporate services we offer.

We aim to be a problem-solving partner for our clients. To achieve this, we help invigorate the market by enhancing digital solutions, assisting with data marketing, promoting alliances, and planning and holding various events.

The Solution / Incubation Business


A Centralized System for Operating and Managing Multiple Online Shops

  • Improve efficiencies in routine sales operations

TATEMPO GUIDE enables the centralized management of operations at 22 major shopping sites in Japan and overseas. TATEMPO GUIDE NEXT has nine management functions (for order receipt, inventories, products, customers, payments, delivery, order placement, procurement, and aggregated data analysis) to manage operations without having to log on to individual shopping sites.

Digital Marketing Support

Offering Comprehensive Support for Digital Marketing with a Wealth of Expertise in Combining the Resale of Preowned Items and IT Functions

  • Utilize big data in your business
  • Market your services better

Opportunities have increased for working with Japanese companies that resell preowned items, providing secondary market information on We help client companies resolve various problems,utilizing our wealth of expertise combining the resale of preowned items and IT.


Providing IPO Consulting and Business Support, Mainly to Start-up Companies

  • Discuss business

We support venture companies in areas surrounding artificial intelligence (AI), data, fintech, and the sharing economy. As of FY09/17, we have provided support to over 50 companies.