Learn what people are trading, and for how much.

Learn what people are trading, and for how much.

Around the world, various items are changing hands for various amounts of money.
According to U.S. research firm eMarketer, global ecommerce sales topped $1 trillion (about 100 trillion yen) in 2012, and are expected to grow even further. There may still be some people in the world who have never bought or sold anything online, but in our daily lives, most of the products around us exchanged hands somewhere along the line via the internet. For example, almost anything you use – your computer, your ballpoint pen, even your clothing – was probably traded somewhere in the world by someone online. And today rare items such as vintage wines and antiques, and even fresh shrimp, tuna, and other fine foods are being bought and sold on the internet every day.
At Aucfan, we aggregate data on when and for how much various products around the world were bought and sold, and we compare, analyze, and provide this information. In fact, we have over 10 years’ worth of such data.

Product and price data for more than 20 billion transactions
More than 10 million visitors per month

2In June 2007, Aucfan Co., Ltd. was established to operate aucfan.com, Japan’s largest online auction price comparison and search website. Today, aucfan.com allows users to compare, search, and analyze online auction and ecommerce product and price information, as well as to see the prices and numbers of transactions for products traded in the past.
Both buyers and sellers can use it as a reference for doing business online.
In particular, aucfan.com is an advantageous source of information for sellers.
We currently have product and price data for over 20 billion transactions, and our service is used by more than 10 million visitors monthly.

When selling, and when buying

Among our 10 million monthly users are those who want to save money on their online purchases, as well as those who want to get a better sense of the value of the items they have, those who want to know the resale value of something they’re about to buy, those who use the site as a reference for finding the cost of items they’d like to resell, and those who wish to better understand the price trends of items for marketing purposes. We have a wide range of users, both businesses and individuals. Providing this massive volume of specialized, highly valuable ecommerce data to not just people who buy products but also people who sell and develop products is our exclusive service, and we are the largest provider of such information in Japan and one of the few providers in the world.

Major Media Operated by Aucfan

Business model

Our strengths are combined in three elements: big data (input), technology (mining), and brand (output).

Big data, technology, brand Big data, technology, brand

Revenue model

We have built a business model that allows both sellers and buyers to benefit.
Monthly charges billed to users are an integral part of our revenue.

Business model Business model

Service map

Most of our services for sellers are pay-per-use,
but we provide our services to all involved in ecommerce, both individuals and companies.

Service Map Service Map

User platform

With our exclusive user platform,
we’ve built a unique system in which buyers can eventually become sellers.

Platform Platform