Making Your Online Trades Easier and More Worthwhile

Aucfan offers a unique price information service.

With an aim to facilitate trading on the Internet, Aucfan has collected billions of transaction data over years from auction and shopping sites across the world.

With over 15 million monthly visitors, Aucfan’s data provides sellers with opportunities to increase sales, while helping online shoppers make purchases at reasonable prices.

Sell Your Unwanted Goods to Someone Who Wants Them

We live in an age of abundance. Just look around. You will find things you do not need any longer. However there might be someone who is looking for them.

If there were a means to move your unnecessary goods freely to someone else who needs them, the world becomes a better place to live in.

Be an Internet Merchant and Cash in on Your Unwanted Goods

Rather than keeping unwanted items on hand, consider to cash in on them. Isn’t it exciting to know the real-world price of unwanted things around you?

By providing easy-to-use tools for accessing to huge transaction data that let you know the current market value of everything you have, we want to give you more freedom to make a deal with anyone else in the world.

Recycle for Reuse – Help Promoting Sustainable World

It is no use to keep possessing unwanted things. Aucfan wants to help such unneeded goods find out the next user who needs them.

Aucfan strives for offering easier and more convenient way for selling, that is, places, how-to and mechanism you can readily use to make sales of your unwanted goods. We, at Aucfan, are pursuing the realization of recycle-to-reuse communities.

Dealings make no boarders.

"Dealings, every time, everywhere, by everyone" It shows our ideal world in near future.