Message from the President


Providing fair and accurate information on all kinds of productsProviding fair and accurate information on all kinds of products

We are a relatively young company, established in June 2007 to operate

Our website is the largest search site in Japan for online auctions and shopping, with 10 million unique users and over 100 million page views per month. We have product and price data for 20 billion transactions in total. We have historical data on sales prices and numbers of successful transactions.

About half of our users are buyers, and the other half are sellers. Our services are particularly popular among sellers.

As the services we provide continue to grow, we expect to see sales of items become commonplace. Users will take advantage of our services from the time they buy products to when they decide to resell them. As this new relationship with products grows, the very concept of “owning something” will be transformed. I foresee the arrival of a recycling-oriented consumer society with a “rental consumption” model. When an item is bought or sold is when it generates economic value. By developing our business model that encourages recycling and circulation of items, I believe we can contribute to economic vitalization.

In the near future, I would like to provide our services to users in the U.S., China, and throughout the world, as well as in Japan.

“Providing fair and accurate information on all kinds of products”

To achieve a position in the world of ecommerce like that of Bloomberg or Reuters in finance, we will work every day to develop the services that only we can provide.

Shuichi Takenaga
Representative Director, Aucfan Co., Ltd.

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