September 2000:
Auction business is launched as a sole proprietorship
April 2001:
Auction Statistics Page (tentative name) begins operations
February 2006:
Auction Statistics Page (tentative name) is acquired through business transfer
June 2007:
Media business of Defactostandard Co., Ltd. is split with the purpose of operating internet media Aucfan; Aucfan is established in Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, and its pure advertising and net advertising businesses are launched
July 2007:
Headquarters is moved to Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
August 2007:
Free members’ service is launched
April 2008:
Headquarters is moved to Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
May 2008:
Paying members’ service Aucfan Premium is launched as a pay-per-use service business
December 2008:
Aucfan School auction class is launched
May 2009:
Aucdata consumer trend analysis tool is launched
January 2010:
Aucfan Seminar auction correspondence course is launched
July 2010:
Headquarters is moved to Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
August 2010:
aucfan touch site for smartphones is launched
September 2011:
PrivacyMark by Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community (JIPDEC) is obtained
October 2011:
Mono Cheki smartphone app is launched
November 2011:
Aucfan Pro integrated analysis tool is launched
May 2012:
Cloudshop system, an SaaS multi-store compatible online purchase comprehensive management service, is obtained via purchase from Fintecs Corporation
July 2012:
auc-checker, a new service that detects unauthorized auction items, is launched
August 2012:
Aucfan Town, a search service for second-hand buyers and auction agency shops, is launched
September 2012:
auc4G mobile internet subscription service is launched
December 2012:
Global Aucfan, a comprehensive global ecommerce search site, is launched
April 2013:
Listed on Mothers Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
June 2013:
Aucfan Shiire Mall, an exclusive platform that allows company and individual trading, is launched
September 2013:
Rakuichi Rakuza, Japan’s largest flea market business, is acquired from Marketenterprise Co., Ltd.
November 2013:
New corporate logo is unveiled
February 2014:
Auction Listing University/Academy, a service to train Yahoo! Japan online auction sellers, is launched in partnership with Yahoo! Japan
May 2014:
Auc-checker (beta), a detection and monitoring service for items traded on online auctions, is launched
Aucfan Points reward points program is launched

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